May 3

New plans…!

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Well – it turned out that my planned weekend in Tallinn, Estonia – and the BODYJAM® initial training module – got replaced by a weekend here in Stockholm – and a BODYBALANCE™ initial training module.

The trainer (me) was booked for this upcoming weekend but the training itself was scheduled for the next weekend. Stuff happens, and the trainer that was booked for the module here in Stockholm couldn’t do it and needed someone to cover. So, it all worked out for the best.

See u at the gym 06.45 tomorrow – and if not – most likely somewhere else! : )

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May 2

A new week’s coming up…

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After a weekend in Stockholm. How ever, it was filled with work even though it wasn’t the most physcial job this time. 

What does your training week look like?

 I’m teaching all my classes like usual this week – except the friday BODYBALANCE™.
Friday morning I’ll fly to Tallinn, Estonia to do an initial training module in BODYJAM®. That will be my last mission with the 56th release – and then I’m gonna move on to no 57!! Yeah!

The weekend after that – I have a fun event in Stockholm. The Sthlm training camp, organized by the magazine Topphälsa!
You can sign up for the entire weekend – or just for a day if you wish. Maybe a full weekend-get-away with a stay at the hotel as well?

“The hotel” is Radison SAS in Frösunda, Solna. We’ve stayed there with the Nike Team for one of our kick off’s and it is a super cozy place. Well recommended!

Enjoy your week peeps. I’ll sure do my very best to do that and I’ll celebrate life and love – always! : )

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Apr 28

My running mission!!

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I started to run in the end of may last year – when I came back to NYC.
But for the summer it was a bit on and off and I had a longer break somewhere around august-september when I got the summer flu and travelled a lot.
But then from october I started to run on regular basis, twice a week.
And so I’ve done for 31 weeks in a row. At first on the treadmill – and now the two past weeks outside.

Even though I prefere to run outside – it was such a difference when I came out after 29 weeks of running inside. You sure get used to the things you perform, rigtht?

This is a challenge for me… It’s not like I mind running, I actually kind of like it  – but it’s not the natural workout for me…and to do it this consistent – all around the year. Yay me!! : )

Sometimes I just feel like Phoebe when I’m out though – and sometimes it feels like a really have a flow going on.
It sure helps with an awesome playlist, and the Nike + GPS app.
So – the route around my island – like I run it, is about 7.69 (4.35 miles)

One of the goals with this was to get a better condition – so that the classes that I teach (which clearly not is my training) not should feel hard at all.
And also to get a variation to the training that does feel more natural for me to perform – like dance, and yoga.

And I’m happy with the result so far at least…!

After a run by the Hudson river, on the Manhattan side, of course! ; )

Do you have a training challenge?!

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Apr 21

Easter-class-update : )

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So – after some requests – we’ll do Britney one more week at the jazz. I wanna go-go-go…!
What’s better to celebrate this pink thursday with anyway – then some awesome Britney-tunes, lol!

Be prepared to do the whole routine tonight : )
So, unless you’re off for some easter holiday today already – I’ll see you at SATS Odenplan at 19.00 tonight.

No BODYBALANCE™ tomorrow!
BODYBALANCE™ at Tule 12.00
Streetdance at St Eriksbron 16.00.  A street that will be tribal house! : )

Happy Easter beautiful people!


Apr 19

Rare occation…

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…Is a saturday in Stockholm
And it included not only one – but TWO – fun events.

First – I was at Högdalshallen who had a Les Mills day, and I opened up the day with a BODYJAM®.
It was a full class, about 50 people where only two of them had tried BODYJAM® before, the rest were rookies. : ) And the best kind of rookies: happy, openminded and positive. And they went all in! And loved BODYJAM® – and wanted it to their club for regular basis. Yeah!

Then – I headed back in to the city for the Blogger Boot Camp event.
Terese, Jane, Mela and Sofia all did an amazing job, and they had about 65 enthusiastic participants.
I taught a Tribal House and did my best to get the crowd to shake some bootey.
Here’s the crew that came for my class
And, I had a fierce front row that helped out to rock the room with their great energy.

A few of them after the class.

The BBC-dresscode for the day – set by Annica and Soffan! ; )

A great day!! THANK you organizers, particpants and lovely people! : )

And the rest of the day was equally great – and very well spent with this wiev.


Apr 14

Thursday’s ON!

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It seems like a lot of fun and cool people are in for the 5 year celebration class. Yaay!
Worth mentioning; it’s a pretty casual celebration. (♥ casual)
Since it’s in a regular studio with limited spots. And – the main focus will be on having a blast, and together just go for a pimp ass class with a lot of energy and happines. Yes?
Don’t forget to sign up though (see previous blog) to reserve your spot.

I got the new releases the other day, BODYJAM®57 and BODYBALANCE™53.
Haven’t seen them yet though. When I still have a lot of work left with the current releases I don’t like to start learning the next one’s to early.
But I’ll have a sneak peak fo shizzle – to see my awesome friend Nicole, that’s on the BODYJAM®dvd.
I first met her in 2007 when we presented together with G and Kili at at super qw in Tampa, Florida – and I’ve loved her ever since.
Back then

And I can’t wait to see BODYBALANCE™ with ANNA.
I hear she’s amazing – not so surprising – cause she always is.

So, for today:
Core 17.00 Fridhemsplan
Jazz 19.00 Odenplan
Core 20.00 Odenplan

No mather if I’ll see you or not: happy training thursday!

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Apr 13

Happy 5 year anniversary!

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BODYJAM® is celebrating 5 years in Sweden this year! Yeah!
I was the first swedish trainer, and I’ve been with it from the start – it’s been five fun years with a lot of happy times and sweaty moments : )
And the good thing is – it’s a program that’s still in process.

To celebrate this I’m gonna do a BODYJAM® 5 year class – with a couple of wicked BEST OF-tracks!
FRIDAY may 20th is the date to mark for some serious ass shaking – in Stockholm city.

If you wanna come and join me for the class, you’ll need to sign up.
And you do that by shooting an email to

Do you have a favourite block that you wish to see in this class?
Then – shoot me an email, or make a comment below – and I’ll (at least) take it under consideration ; )

So, set the alarm for BODYJAM®-celebration-time, and I’ll see you may 20th!


Apr 12


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A fun weekend’s coming up!
Saturday I’ve got two Stockholm-events booked. 
A Tribal House-class at Blogger Boot Camp – and then a BODYJAM®promo class at Högdalshallen.
Fun stuff!
I might C U there even?! : )

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Apr 11

Monday Motivation!

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Some of my dance-participants have taken my classes for a long time, a few goes way back – and some are a more recent aquaintance.
That’s pretty natural.
But I feel that right now is a change about to happen – there are a lot of new (to me) people that have started to take my classes on regular basis. And it’s so much fun.

I LOVE those of my participants that’s been with me for a long – and semilong – time, and are frequent and loyal visitors, of all my heart.
But I also welcome new friends with open arms. I think it’s fun with all these young cool chicas (and a few dudes as well) that have found my classes.

Today was a class with a lot of newer people in it, and they all did so well. Great stuff!!

Since I’ve been travelling and working like crazy, I haven’t really had a lot of time to choreograph – so I picked another re-run, and one of my own favourites. It suits this time of the year… when the summer is about to come! : )
It wasn’t many there who had done it before, and the few people who did, didn’t seem to mind.

Thank you all for a fun monday night at the bridge!


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Apr 11


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When I was done with my BODYBALANCE™ module saturday I headed to EGO for their convention.
I was asked to teach my Tribal House – and it was so much fun. 
Some of the participants had taken a couple of more classes (or even all of them) before mine, and they were a bit tired – but it was still a lot of energy in the room. And dance spirit!
Good werk – fo shizzle!
Lovely Camilla that organized the whole day joined the class, and I just LOVE her energy and style. Awesome woman!
THANK YOU for inviting us.

In the evening they had an afterparty at one of the night clubs in Sundsvall – where some of the instructors performed with their chair dance routine that they taught earlier in class at the convention.
Sofia was one of them – here with Pia and Fredrik.

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