May 11

Morning Glory!

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Wednesday morning!!
Yes, that means BODYBALANCE™ 06.45

I surprised my awesome morning crowd by doing six new tracks; 1-6 from release 53.
It went pretty well – but it sure felt that it was some moves for the body, and I sweated like crazy.

I like the new release. It wasn’t love at first sight – like 52, but it’s growing and my guess is that it’ll keep growing even more.
We’ll do the whole class of 53 on friday.

The training went well this past weekend. 16 new BODYBALANCE™ addicts left the building sunday afternoon after a pretty intense weekend with a packed schedule.
Here are my four co-workers from SATS that took the training; Richard, Elin, Linda and Fumiyo!
A bit blurry – I know, sorry about that! The people in the picture, however, were sharp : )

Tonight it’s streetdance at Fridhemsplan! Bring your sparks and join me!

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  1. Marion May 11th, 2011 9:09 am

    Oh no ! I thought you would start with the 53 this morning so I wanted to come but I soooo lost the battle against the bed lol.

    But maybe I can “work from home” on Friday… we’ll see :p

    Kramar 🙂

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