Dec 29

A list is always fun! : )

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December hasn’t been my most frequent blog-month!

But now I feel a new list coming up… so here we go.
Just like last year – I’m gonna do a summary, and I’ll list five moments of magic from 2010. Mainly work related.

* Nike Convention 2010 – of course!
The last year as the Nike Convention!
Cause from now we’re talking an even bigger e x p l o s i o n!
A blast!
I taught my I like that-routine in a class called Urban Jazz – and then I teamed up with Maria, Per and Oscar for an awesome battle.
Can’t wait for the 2011’s edition of this fun event.

* Super quarterly in Arlington Dallas, Texas
In the end of february we headed to the US to present at the Les Mills south central super qw in Dallas, TX.
It was about 800 people in each class.
And, in the jam class when we turned of the light – and everyone had luminous bracelets on that was glowing in the dark – it was really cool.
The BODYBALANCE™ class that I team taught with Peg, who is a true role model (and a few other great US trainers) was also a special experience. Special as in good!

* Pole dance at the North Pole Studio!
Well, this is not work related at all.
Cause this 8 week workshop was all about me, and all about pure fun.
I definitly got hooked at this kind of workout, or art form.
I kept doing it in NYC as well – and it’s definitly something I wanna continue with some how.

* A guest/promo class in Watertown, NY early this fall.
Page Fitness in Watertown (upstate NY) thought about bringing in BODYJAM to their club – and I went there to do a class with them.
They had built up a stage with full on sound system outside, and a great crowd of their members came to join the workout, and to get a feel for the program. Even though some of them never ever had danced before.
They were all so very warm and friendly – and open minded.
And I was filled up with so much positive energy after the trip there. Thanks again!

* Tribal House Party part II
When I got back to NYC this spring we re-launched my class at Crunch for the summer schedule. When the summer season was over and my time slot was about to be switched for a new class for the fall schedule – my lovely crowd did not agree with that decision. So they emailed, and expressed their opinions – and so the class stayed for the fall as well. I love my regulars that came week after week – and really progressed. And some of the classes were true magic moments!

This is just a few of all the beautiful, fun, inspiring, fierce and just amazing moments 2010’s been filled with.
I’m so very grateful for the past year – and so very hopeful for the upcoming year.

Much love to all you beautiful people that makes my life more colourful! Hope I get to see y’all soon!
Sooner rather than later ; )

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