Aug 4

BODYJAM®, bikramstyle!

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I got the promo class saturday coming up… and finally I’ve kicked myself in the ass (or arse as they say in the UK) and started to learn the new jam.
I started off with the first half today – and tomorrow I’ll go for the back half.
I practiced here – in our studio, that’s very warm – and not that generous with new, fresh air…
So, it was like a bikram-BODYJAM®-session.
The sweat dripped – no – it ran from me… and I was actually in my bikram-outfit while jamming around here all by myself -which I was very grateful for.. that I was all by myself I mean.
I have been teaching jam since release no 35, which was when we launched it in Sweden. So this is the 19th release that I learn…

I’ve listed my top 5 jam-favorites from the past five years, and here they are:
(not in any particular order more than the numbers of them)

37 – it’s an old time favourite. This release felt a bit edgier than the two before.. and I really liked the styles. Also – I held craazy many initials on this one… so I have a lot of fun memories to it.

45 – the release that was filmed during Global Summit in New Zealand 2008 – it was so well made.
Even though some of the music wasn’t really my music – I really enjoy this release! You could really feel how well done – and thought through it is.

47 – obvisouly! So much fun to be with the whole process. And I do think it’s a great release for real, as well.

49 – I liked the contrasts between the styles – and I liked the music for the back block. It felt very fresh and current by that time.

52 – it felt like an injection of energy when this release came. Like one of those releases it can’t go wrong with. I presented this release at six qw’s and two conventions – and everybody really enjoyed it. Good music – right through!

Do you have any favourites?! Which one…? And why?

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