Jul 19

Werk it!

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The theme for last week was definitly training of my own. I was able to take a lot of different classes. Yaay!

And my main focus in the classes was to work on what I always try to learn my studends and participants = to really dance the moves, and to express something – with your whole body.

It’s a hughe different I’d say, to just execute the moves – and to dance them.

Sometimes when you teach dance classes at a training facility it can be a bit hard to get people to understand the difference. 
There’s this type of student that occasionally seems to think that the cool part is a long choreo – or even just to do a choreo one tinme, then they’re over it. 

They want more and more choreography. If they just manage to execute the moves or the steps they concider them selves done and wanna move on.
No mather what it looks like…

This kind of students (or participants) were very common in the Fitness Center days – but not as common in my classes these days : )

Also – if you look at the training benefit of it – I truly believe that you’ll have more benefits if you really commit to what you’re doing: does it fully out,  let every fiber in your body be involved while moving, and also add some emotions and expressions to it.

Any way… so, this is what I worked on for my one benefit last week.

Some of the classes I took was for a teacher that I found the very first time at BDC (at the old location) in January 2006. Her classes are not very advanced, but her style suits me very well though – it’s a bit girly and a bit sassy – but still with contrasts in it.
(and we share the same unique music style…lol)

If you don’t have to focus a lot on the choreo – it’s easier to focus on the performance of it.
And then you can bring the same way of performing in to the more advanced classes as well – where you get the techique challenge, or the musical challenge (or what ever you’re looking for to develop and improve)

A mix of classes where you feel confortable and really can go crazy – with classes where you’re not as confortable and really have to werk your ass off to follow – you know, when the brain almost set of fire.. Hahaa!

And maybe – some classes in between that.

Today – I’m teaching my Tribal House Party!!
That’s a class made for you, who love to go c r a z y!!


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  1. Anna August 15th, 2010 1:43 am

    Grymt inlägg!


  2. admin August 15th, 2010 4:35 pm

    TACK snälla du!

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